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05 Resolution
I was still staring at the door, long after Jason left, wondering just what kind of mess I got myself into. I'm not a military person. I don't know how to behave around military personnels. Personally, I think they are all pompous. However, Capt. Sharkey's explanations before I accepted their offer to stay - aside of the not-so-subtle threats of jailtime for me - brought up something a little patriotic in me.
He talked about people he actually knew who died in the line of duty. Some in a number of wars the government got us in - none of which I endorse by any means possible. Some in everyday occurences - firefighters, cops, paramedics and rescue personnels.. He spoke of them as human beings.
I remember the paramedics and rescue personnels who saved my life. For so long, I hated them for doing it. I was dying. In a few hours, I would have fallen to a sweet, long slumber brought in by hypothermia. But they saved me, anyway. I knew that there was a documentary footage of my rescue, taken
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04 I Know You
04 I Know You
I walked home with more exhaustion than usual. The day's events were starting to get to me and I couldn't wait to get home and maybe, catch enough hot water to wash the day off my body. As I walked by a hotdog booth, I nearly cringed. I hadn’t eaten and the hotdog was smelling incredibly nice. But I resisted, reminding myself that I would need the last $100 bill I have to find another place, preferably one that takes a 100 for two months.
Fortunately, the middle of the day was not the time when everybody and their grandmothers living in this building would come home and get a hot shower. Thus I was granted my wish of what little comfort I could get. While I was savoring my PB and J sandwich, there was a knock on my door. I frowned, wondering who it would be knocking at this time of the day. I had never invited any of my friends from work, and if they know the building's phone, located conveniently at the ‘reception area’ where the building manager could lis
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A Toast for Life 02
The scent of something baking and cooking made the little boy realized just how hungry he was. He looked around his surroundings. He knew that there was nothing else that can be eaten there. He had long since finishing his last piece of bread. He was thirsty, too. And he wanted some milk. The tap water he'd been drinking tasted empty. He didn't like it much. But he drank it anyway, remembering that the water was all his mom would give him if she didn't feel like getting milk. He was okay, so far. He stayed clear of table corners and high places. He knew that he could fall or hurt himself if he bumped on them. He rubbed a spot on his head where he had bumped it on the table's corner last week.
The doorknob was within his reach. Yet he hesitated, remembering how angry his mom was when they once accidentally locked themselves outside. He knew that the door could not be opened from the outside, unless you have that small thing his mom would press and turn on the doorknob. She called it a k
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A Toast for Life 01
The night barely reached ten o'clock as Lara Cassidy stepped off the elevator and head to her apartment with handfuls of groceries. After a moment of struggling, she managed to insert her keys and stumbled into the room. One of her roommate, Crystal Andrews, was sprawled in front of the computer, as usual. Lara then deposited her groceries into the table, flipping her shoulder-length black hair from her face.
"Hey, why didn't ya just knock?" Crystal greeted her.
"Well, let's see… if I had three hands, I'd probably did just that…" Lara retorted. Crystal laughed, brushing off Lara's quick retort.
"Sorry, dude. But you didn't tell me you were going to go shopping," Crystal offered.
"I wasn't going to, earlier!" Lara replied animatedly as she started to unload the groceries. "But get this! This customer I was waiting for, he left a hundred bucks note with a note saying: 'to the lovely little lady who waited on me'. So I showed it to Lucy, and she laughed and she said, 'girl, what
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You don't say
goodbye, not today
to the ones you care
and cared, not here
you dream of tons
of fairy tales and good times and songs
and dances as tears
slips freely to your heart's desires
you laugh out loud
to the men in black, stand proud
to your rythm and soul
dissolving in a mirth within a howl
drinking your nights a day
dreams stops too far away
sparkling concoction of glory
with a dash of regret and sorry
you don't say
memories are wasted away
when they're the only thing
your remaining song to sing
verse, bridge and reffrain
each pitch pulls and strain
tearing apart the shadow within
bring red folly pours down the drain
remembering what once were none
stifling serenity of a guarded tone
the road stops here
still you don't say where
you just can't say
goodbye to today
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I need brain stimulation.

My Writing Muse has not completely returned yet. Or rather, he'd returned, with gazillion ideas he's dumping haphazardly out of his vacation suitcase. I think I'll just place him in the corner somewhere until he can arrange those ideas to something that's actually comprehensive.

I've decided to boycott a one of my nation's TV stations called MetroTV. They're obviously making blatant propagandas on behalf of their owner. And they would be super ignorant to think nobody would notice. Therefore, I shall boycott them except for the two talkshows I always watch: Provocative Proactive and Kick Andy. Other than those, if I can help it, I'll look at other channels. Heck, if there's nothing good on other channels, I can just shut off the TV. Peace and quiet just the way I like it.

I know just one lil 'ole me boycotting a TV channel may not mean a thing to them. But I am taking a stand. I know that many people in my country (ooo.. say, 90%) are still blinded by bling - quite literally - to know devious schemes if it was dangled in front of their nose. If it was covered in bling, they wouldn't know evil if it was used as a noose for *their* neck. But I know. It's been a while since I was stupid.

Depressing rambles aside...,

*sighs & looks pointedly at Muse right there at the corner of the room, still fumbling with pieces of ideas*

I have no other rambles. I got Google+, courtesy of a friend. And it confuses me. I don't know what can be so special about it just yet. Maybe I'll come back with some kind of review in a week. Just thought I'd put out the word that I got it, lest some fickle people thinks I just jump on the bandwagon once the review starts. :p
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